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A Historic Reciprocation

XMU was founded by the Malayan Chinese Mr. Tan Kah Kee in 1921. Now 93 years later, XMU has reciprocated by setting up a campus in Malaysia, where Mr. Tan Kah Kee achieved great success in his career. This is a historic reciprocation.’

The Spirit Lives On:

XMU founder Mr. Tan Kah Kee was considered a world-renowned educator who devoted all he had to the pursuits of education. XMU solemnly pledges to uphold Mr. Tan Kah Kee’s spirit of selfless dedication to the noble causes of education in establishing XMUM. It will remain a not-for-profit institution, and not a sen will be repatriated to China. Instead, any surplus funds will be channeled back into research and scholarships for students of XMUM.

Commitment to educational excellence:

The establishment of XMUM sets new heights in the areas of cooperation and exchange in education between China and Malaysia. XMU is driven to build the campus into one of Malaysia’s best, enriching Malaysia’s tertiary education landscape to produce high-quality talents with international competitiveness.

study in malaysia

Vision and Mission


Xiamen University Malaysia aspires to become a university with a distinct global outlook, featuring first-class teaching and research, and embracing cultural diversity.


To nurture young talents with dignity and wisdom, turning them into fine citizens of the region who will contribute to the prosperity of the people and social progress of Malaysia, China, and Southeast Asia.

Scholarship Rounds

February, April, August, and September semesters of the academic year 2022 Program Information


Applicants must:

  •  Meet all the entry requirements of a foundation or an undergraduate program of study at XMUM
  •  Accept an unconditional offer to begin their full-time studies at XMUM in 2022
  • Obtain the desired results in one of the entry qualifying examinations such as SPM, UEC, STPM, and A. Level, or have a good academic record in the previous study


All incoming new students who enroll in XMUM’s foundation or undergraduate programmers in 2021 will be automatically considered for the scholarships. Under the scholarship scheme, tuition fee waivers will be granted according to the actual results obtained in one of the entry qualifying examinations, or according to the academic performance during Foundation or Diploma programs.

turkey scholarship
turkey scholarship

Duration of Scholarships

All recipients of the Merit Scholarship will be given a tuition fee waiver for the entire duration of their foundation studies or their first year of undergraduate studies. For those embarking on an undergraduate program, their scholarships are renewable for the subsequent academic years subject to their academic performance.

How to Apply

To apply to study at XMUM, you can submit an online application, an e-mail application, OR a paper application.

Payment of application fee RM100(non-refundable) and registration fee RM200 (non-refundable) can be made to “XMU JIAGENG EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT SDN BHD


Online Application

Click on the link application to complete the application form online

Upload the electronic copy of support documents* online

Submit the application online

Career opportunity


Email Application

Download the application form for admissions or contact to get the form and complete it.

Send the completed application form for admissions and the electronic copy of supporting documents* via email to

study in malaysia
study in malaysia

Supporting Documents

A certified true copy of transcripts of previous studies.

A certified true copy of diploma/certificate or equivalent.

A copy of NRIC (for Malaysian students) or passport (for international students).

Scholarship & Study Grant Application Form.

Proof of payment of the application fee and registration fee.

Full-time bachelor degree courses to be offered include:


Bachelor of Engineering in Cyber Security


Bachelor of Engineering in Data Science


Bachelor of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence


Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English Language and Literature


Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Bachelor of Science in Marine Environmental Chemistry


Bachelor of Science in Physics


Bachelor of Science in Physics


Bachelor of Engineering in Digital Media Technology


Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics


Bachelor of Management in E-Commerce