Invest in yourself

Studying abroad is about investing in yourself, investing time to study first, then investing. You are responsible for your returns. The more valuable you are in society, the better you will be rewarded.

Vincent Mugisha 

The founder of the iconic

What we do

We connect local students with foreign universities in Europe, Canada, and Australia, currently, our main destinations are Germany, Italy, Canada, Poland, and Australia.

What we offer

We offer two services, guiding you as a student on how to apply yourself, or we apply on your behalf. Service fees vary by destination.

Study and work in Poland

Iconic can help you study and work in Poland, we have bachelor’s and master’s programs. Tuition fees in Poland vary between 1,250 and 2,000 EUR per semester 

Why do people choose Poland? 

Students choose Poland because you can study and work at the same time. Your parent or sponsor will not continue to support you financially. Once you find a job, you can support yourself. A simple calculation here shows that the salary for an unskilled job in Poland is about 800 euros, the monthly living expenses, including food and housing, are about 350 euros, and the balance here is 450 euros per month. These savings can help you support yourself and pay for your tuition without other support

Poland offers an international standard education at low tuition fees and the degrees you earn are internationally recognized.

Study and work in Canada

Iconic can help you study and work in Canada, we have bachelor’s and master’s programs, and we all know that tuition fees in Canada are expensive, but we recommend people who want to study in Canada. Apply for short courses such as postgraduate courses, certificates, and diplomas. These short courses have low tuition fees, give you the opportunity to work after completing your course, and have a high visa approval rate for applicants. The advantage is that once in Canada, you can apply for various scholarships, grants, and student loans.

Let us earn permanent residency in Canada in as little as 3 years as international students. Once you have applied for a one-year short course. After graduation, you are eligible for a postgraduate work permit and must stay and work in Canada for one year. After completing one year, you are eligible for the Direct Entry Program for Skilled Workers because one of you has studied in Canada and two have work experience in Canada. This allows you to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Study and work in Italy

Iconic can help you study and work in Italy, where we offer bachelor’s and master’s programs. Tuition fees in Italy for students from developing countries vary between 700 and 1,500 EUR per year

Why do people choose Italy? 

Students choose Italy as their study destination because of its lower tuition fees for students from developing countries compared to other European countries. The cost of living in Italy is not expensive, 350 to 500 euros per month, and you can study while working. The primary motivation for international students to study in Italy is the fully funded scholarships you can find in Italy. The Italian education system offers the same advantages to local, European and non-European students. Once admitted to Italy, you can receive scholarships, which include tuition waivers and stipends of up to €8,500 per year. Degrees in Italy are internationally recognized and there are internship opportunities at Italian universities, where you can work as part of your study program.

Study and work in Germany

Iconic can help you study and work in Germany, we have bachelor’s and master’s programs. In Germany, international students receive free education in higher education at public universities. We recommend students apply to German public universities to get the benefits of free education, but they need a good grade of at least 2.5 GPA.

Why do students choose Germany? 

International students choose Germany as their study abroad destination because of the free bachelor’s and master’s education in Germany. The German education system is one of the most advanced in the world. Now that the world is entering the Industry 4.0 revolution, new skills such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and virtual reality cyber security are in high demand, and German higher education offers several programs technology driven. Be part of the 10% of the population who can communicate with machines. In Germany, students can work during their studies


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